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Hateemtai eCommerce Platform

About Hateemtai

HateemTai.com is an eCommerce Platform for Authentic Products and Foods. It allows Vendors to open a Shop and sell their products worldwide. HateemTai.com is a venture of ConstantMD Inc. Hateemtai.com is the brand new online shopping place for the finest quality products with the best price. We have a young team, who are working diligently to ensure your shopping satisfaction.

Launched in 2019, HateemTai.com is the most cherished platform for the people. We serve millions of buyers and suppliers around the world.

How HateemTai.com will make your life easier!


    Show from anywhere with any devices, whether you are at home or office or on the go. App is optimized for mobile network usage with Edge network worldwide. You are always few taps way to order.


    Enable free Push Notifications and you will be up to date with latest sales, offers. HateemTai.com has daily and weekly offers for select items. Don’t miss!

  • Simplify your shopping

    Make shopping in-store a breeze by finding items quickly, checking prices, making a list and getting store info all with your app.

  • Easily reorder your favorites

    Why search for items you need all the time, like diapers or family favorites? Restocking your essentials has never been easier.

Shopping with The Hateemtai Mobile App

Simplify your shopping with the Hateemtai app, which offers a variety of features that are sure to keep the prices low, wherever you go. Whether you have an iPhone or Android device, Hateemtai has a shopping app for you.


HateemTai.com brings you countless items in more than 40 diverse significant classes. We will be your one-stop shopping platform who will bring you the products that you can’t find in your local market. Customers for these products are located all over the world, and exchange hundreds of dream products in HateemTai.

As a stage, we keep on creating administrations to enable customers to touch their dream products and find new chances.

Regardless of whether it's sourcing from your cell phone or reaching providers in their nearby language, swing to HateemTai.com for all your product needs.

As a member of the HateemTai Group, our main goal is to make it simple to work together anyplace. We do this by giving providers the channel to contact a worldwide population for their items, and by helping purchasers discover items and providers rapidly and proficiently.

What We DO

Hateemtai.com is a global e-commerce platform related to ethnic products and services. We do following things:

In developed countries, like in the USA, we provide ethnic products, foods  and services to the immigrant communities.

Also, we promote ethnic products, foods and services to the general population of the developed countries. For example, we are testing the home delivery of ethnic foods in Southern California.

HateemTai.com brings everyone related to ethnic products, foods and services in a single platform.

In developing countries, like in Bangladesh, we provide a reliable, efficient and technologically advanced eCommerce service from the same platform.



We have completed the first phase of our IT development work and started the operation in Bangladesh in December of 2019. At this point we are generating sales of about $50,000 per month.

  • Getting good reviews and likes for our efficient service.
  • Seeing a steady increase of visitors to our site.


Testing our same model of service in Southern California.

We have discovered that the number of orders has to be a reasonable amount to make it profitable. That needs investment in marketing and business development. That’s one of the reasons we are looking for investors who are interested in this type of project.


  • Ensuring the availability of ethnic products for immigrants is always a challenge. There is no such platform which can serve immigrants with their ethnic products and services that they cherish.
  • Manufacturers, importers and service providers are not directly connected to the consumers of developing countries due to the absence of a customer centric ecommerce platform.


  • Bringing ethnic products and services from all over the world under one Platform.
  • Introducing the modern ecommerce service to the underdeveloped countries which will directly connect the manufacturers, large Importers & service providers to the consumers both in their native land and abroad.

Business Modal

Platform of ethnic products for the immigrants of the USA and other developed countries. Initially for the USA only. We make money from the profit of direct sale, commissions from vendors who sell products on our platform.

Launching an ecommerce platform in developing countries.  Initially for Bangladesh only. We have started e-commerce operations in Bangladesh in December of 2019, selling almost $50,000 products per month.

Establishing a supply chain that will connect the primary source of the products with the consumers.

Current Status

  • Software Development Work

    • Phase 1. e-commerce platform development is completed. Which includes Website, Admin site, Android app & IOS app (Beta Version).
    • Seeing a steady increase of visitors to our site.
  • Brand Partnership

    • We have partnership with 30+ Brands in Bangladesh as their online distributor.
    • Those brands will also serve the immigrants of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Middle East, and Asia in the USA and immigrants in other developed countries.
  • Product Integration

    • Hateemtai.com has around 15,000 products in website.
    • Those brands will serve the immigrants of Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern and Asian communities.
  • Sales

    • Hateemtai.com was launched in Bangladesh in December 2019. Our current monthly revenue in Bangladesh is around $50,000. Our operational cost is very low as we do not hold any inventory. Products are delivered directly from suppliers to customers.
    • We are planning to implement the same strategy in the USA and other developed countries.



Total operation is managed from Dhaka, Bangladesh office by experienced professionals, so the operational cost is low.



Hateemtai is targeting specific market segment with advance technology and artificial intelligence.



The need of ethnic products and services has not been tapped yet by any major e-commerce company.



We are working on the vision of direct selling of products from manufacturers to the consumers.